Edamus is a Clean Tech company aiming at converting waste management into a true circular economy. By making pyrolysis technology available, manageable, and affordable to all operators of waste processing, in small as well as large volumes, we can reduce CO2 emissions from incineration, reduce the need for new fossil fuels, and clear up landfill sites for better uses. Edamus turns waste management from a necessary evil to a profitable good.

Providing fully financed and maintained plants as a service for chemical recycling of plastics, tyres, PPE, and more, makes Edamus a game changer in the circular waste economy!

Our images


We all know what trash looks like. We all know what sewage, spill oil, and even heavy machinery look like. We also know that the monetary values involved in the circular economy in general, and recycling processes in particular, are vast. So why remind us of that with “filler illustrations” on this site?

Instead we have asked a young photographer, and student of sustainable development at St. Andrews University in Scotland, with original photos which reflect the topic on each page and illustrate the true reason these circular flows are so essential to us all – the sustainability and preservation of the planet we are living on.

Louise and some of her fellow photographers will gradually add illustrations to this site, and we have opened an Instagram account to allow you to follow this development, picture by picture.

Feedstock variety

The range of waste produce and variants of feedstock that can be recycled in our plants and by our processes is vast. Plastics, tyres, PPE medical waste, and residue oil are only some of the waste groups that can be recycled back to the molecular level by pyrolysis. Start with one material flow and gradually grow into a full range recycling service, all at your own pace.

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Recycling plants as a service

Lack of funding? Insufficient technical capabilities? Unsure about which technology platforms to opt for? Edamus Product as a Service (PaaS) offers all capacity levels, be it 0.5 tonnes per day or 200 tonnes per day, fully funded, technology syndicated and serviced.

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Plants à la carte

Not only are our plants provided as PaaS, they are also provided à la carte. By that we mean that Edamus solutions are very flexible when it comes to which parts of the process Edamus is responsible for, and which the customer may prefer to operate themselves.

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Benefits all

Pyrolysis dramatically reduces waste CO2 emissions, making the logistics of waste far more efficient and allowing landfill sites to be cleaned up and put to better use. With Edamus as your provider, it also leads to a positive cashflow and bottom-line profits for the operators.

Contact us for a dialogue on how to optimize the entire business and operations model of your waste management.