Plants à la carte

Pyrolysis plants à la carte may sound like an oversimplification, but simplicity of concept should not be mistaken for simplicity of execution – a pyrolysis plant requires no less skill than a traditional chemical or waste plant, but Edamus’ unique combination of financing and technology lifts that burden from our customers’ shoulders.

The figure below illustrates a very generic process flow of waste turning into the four standard outputs from these types of pyrolysis processes: Low sulfur oil, gas, char and, depending on input, metal. Each step and each component in this process can be procured from Edamus or undertaken by customer inhouse resources. The only minimum delivery under an Edamus PaaS set-up is the management of the pyrolysis reaction chambers themselves.

An Edamus project always starts with a detailed review of the customer’s needs and wishes with regards to the service mix between the customer’s own resources and what Edamus provides.

Plants à la carte

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